Driver Profile Images



MTR Images is offering driver profile images for the first time in 2021. 

The profile images are a composite of Driver, Car, driver details, sponsor logos, text etc. Example below.


As it's a new offer we will be offering a 50% discount for the first 2 QR race meets in 2021. We will have the studio setup at QR to get the driver image. 

If you're interested see Mick or Matt at the track or send us a message:

Here, Facebook, instagram or call Mick on 0427856687.

Option #1 


Single Image, $100 - It will include a driver profile shot, a photo of their car in the background like the example provided. 

Can do their name, the car number, year of birth, we will include the both the Track Attack & EFS sponsor logos, there logo's & if there are any other highlights that the driver would like on there.

Option #2 


Four Image $160 - Same as the above but it also includes for ratio provides for Facebook Profile, Cover Image, Instagram image, or website ect... 


Delivery time approx. 7 business days..