How to Order 

Multiple Images of 1 car from multiple galleries from 1 event.

Please Note: Images are sold per car/driver, per event and may include group and pit images



Find Gallery


  • Locate the main event gallery
  • Select the first gallery you want to purchase images from.


Save Images to Favourites

  • Select the first image you would like to purchase and click the favourite button up the top
  • You will get a pop up asking you're to log in or create an account. Click Continue
  • If it's your first time ordering through MTR Images you'll need to create and account. Enter a Name for your account, email(this will be used to send you the download link) and create a password.
  • You will then be taken back to the gallery you were in and will now be able to save favourites to your account. As you select the favourites they will show up the top right 
  • Clicking My Selection will let you view and manage your selections


Placing the order

  • Once you have selected all the images you wish to purchase go into your selection and click on the Buy button in the top right 

  • You will then be taken to the shop where you can select the way you wish to purchase your images e.g. Downloads, Prints, Canvas, Stubby Cooler
  • Select your option you will then be taken to the next window Click the Change Photos button
  • You will now be able to add all the selected images to the order. Click the Favorites tab and drag the images you wish to purchase to the right hand window. Once done click Add to Cart in the bottom right.
  • To purchase the images click the View Cart button, you will then be taken to the cart where you can proceed to checkout to pay for and complete your order.


Delivery Timeframes:

Once the order is paid for and placed I will review the order as soon as possible, perform any required edits, colour corrections, crop, etc. Orders are typically delivered quicker during the week as most weekends I am out at the track.

You will then get an email to let you know the order is ready either to download (link will be in email) or to be sent to the required printer.